A Boy Called Bill

When Learning Isn’t So Sweet & Kind…

Written by Zee Eil’Yudah

Based on a true story.

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Bill. 

He was a sweet, kind and brilliant child, with amazing artistic abilities.

His parents knew that he was a special child, very loving, quirky, and sensitive. 

Because Bill’s parents recognized his genius, they had him tested to see if he could begin Kindergarten early, at the age of four.

Bill’s parents were thrilled when they received the results!

The test scores indicated that their son was indeed a genius, or near-genius at least (whatever that means).

Bill was promptly enrolled in Kindergarten, where he enjoyed learning, and exploring new subjects. However he found it difficult to focus the subjects that didn’t hold his interest.

He was still a friendly child, and he did his best in class. Though his mind would often wander to faraway lands, or magical mystical creatures that had yet to be discovered. 

Soon it began to seem as though his creative spirit, was in conflict with the system of education to which he had been committed. 

His desire to create and explore, brought him into continuous contention with the teachers who had not been trained or equipped to deal with a child such as he. Sadly he was misunderstood, by most everyone. 

As he matriculated through the school system, things only became worse. 

One day, a challenge was set before Bill, that he had never encountered before — a thick booklet of questions paired with a strange sheet of paper covered in curiously tiny circles. The teacher explained what he was to do with this standardized test, but Bill’s mind couldn’t process it. 

It seemed pointless to him, and when he looked down at that maze of tiny circles, all his mind could see were pictures — because that’s how his mind worked. 

So that’s what he made, a picture. He shaded in those tiny dots to create the imagery that he saw in his mind.

Little did he know then, how much that silly sheet of paper, covered in tiny circles would affect the rest of his life. 

Soon after this test, it was decided that Bill had a learning disability, Attention Deficit Disorder, and that he would now be placed in the remedial reading and math groups.

When Bill got the news, he cried his eyes out. “I’m not stupid!” he yelled “I’m not dumb! They just don’t understand me. No-one understands!”

Help us to shift the paradigm in early childhood education for our brown babies.

Bill’s parents were torn. They both worked full time, with his father working two jobs at times, just to make the ends meet, and sometimes those ends still didn’t quite meet. 

So they did the best they could as they worked to make life for their family, that was better than what they’d  known as children. All they knew to do, was to believe that the system to which they had entrusted the welfare of their child,  was only working in his best interest. That the professionals, might somehow know what their child needed more than they. 

Sadly, this was not the case. A system filled with teachers who are overworked, over burdened and under-equipped, is a recipe for disaster, for all parties involved. 

Especially the children. 

Being labeled with a learning disability, Bill found himself shoved into classes with the troubled and neglected youth who too, had been tossed to the side. Children with needs that are too troubling and challenging to be addressed by the already taxed and struggling teachers in a complicatedly underfunded school system.

The youth in schools who cry out for help, through anger ,rage and frustration … The kids whose parent’s aren’t or cannot be there for them … the children who may not have eaten breakfast that morning, or dinner the night before. 

He was labeled and tossed into a bin of trouble makers and underachievers who were all fighting against a machine they knew had failed them, in a place where it seemed no-one cared.

As his time in these classes grew, Bill’s attitude and behavior declined. More and more it seemed as though the people who were supposed to help, couldn’t care less. 

When Bill was in the ninth grade,  there came a day, that he decided enough was enough. He wanted out of remedial English. 

Bill knew that he was smart,  no matter what anyone had to say!  

So he worked, and worked, and studied and studied, and he did it! 

He scored high enough to move up to the next level of English class the following semester. 

Proud of his accomplishments, he came, full of joy, to share this triumph with his teacher.

“Why bother moving up. You’ll only fail. You might as well just stay where you are.”

Bill was devastated. He heard his teacher’s words and took them to heart.

But he didn’t give up, as hard as it was for him to believe in himself. By this time, it even seemed as though his very family was falling apart. By now, all Bill felt that he had was his art.

Help us to spread love and kindness across the world!

Feeling as though everyone was against him, he felt no need to try to achieve. In fact he was confident that he wouldn’t be attending college.

He just didn’t have the grades for it, and according to some of his teachers, he wasn’t smart enough to even try.  But all was not lost. Though there were some who had not so kind words, Bill was blessed with some amazing teachers who showed him love and kindness, in the midst of his challenges. And to them, he would forever be thankful.

He muddled his way through High School, with art still being his true passion. 

Art class was where he was able to shine, and escape from the woes of family, school, and the world. When he was drawing or painting, it just seemed like everything else faded away, the pains, the frustrations, the anger, the hopelessness. 

Art gave him hope. 

Art gave him the ability to live and believe that there was something greater for him, beyond everyone’s doubts and misunderstanding of Bill and what he really needed to thrive and succeed. 

His Art was his love, and thats what he clung too, during even the most challenging times. 

Bill knew that his talents were a gift from The Creator, and that he had great purpose in this world.

When Senior year arrived, Bill was confident that he didn’t stand a chance at college. He was quite unsure as to what he would do next. But there was a surprise in store for him.

A prominent University had recently launched “The Hope Program,” and initiative to enroll students whose grades were low, but excelled in specific areas. And of course, Bill had been voted class artist, and earned almost straight A’s in art since Elementary school!

Bill was accepted to the program and fought  tooth and nail to graduate. It took him 8 years, but he did it! He earned his degree in Comprehensive Art, and set out to be one of the greatest artists the world had ever seen. 

And you know what? He was successful! 

His art work was seen and loved all over the world. 

But most importantly, while attending the University, he met the love of his life, Betty.  A sweet and caring woman, who wanted nothing more than to make the world a better place.

The only human love Bill ever held higher than his art. She was his best friend, his confidant, and even his teacher.

Betty helped him to realize that he was indeed not dumb. She helped him to slow down, read, write and comprehend the written word in ways he never thought he could.

He loved that she cared enough to see the brilliance in him, and give him the support he needed to gain a new confidence in himself — with the understanding that he was not limited or challenged, but unique and brilliant. 

Bill and Betty knew that the only way to save the world, was to save the babies.

Bill was determined to do all that he could, to keep other kids, like himself, from, having to go through the challenges that he did — the pains and struggles of feeling like you are not smart enough, or good enough, simply because you are different. 

Now Bill and Betty have a family of their own! They know that their children are special and gifted and brilliantly different from what any test can possibly assess. 

They founded The Sweet & Kind Learning Academy to help children around the world know just that. 


Sweet and Kind Learning is a love letter to our babies, and all the beautiful children of the world who need to know that… 

They are loved

They are brilliant

They are amazing

They are beautiful

They are brave

They are smart

They are sensitive

They are powerful

They are magically created with an infinite potential to do good in this world.

That is why we created this company. We want to instill in our children the innate desire to spread Love and Kindness across the world. No matter what challenges may come their way. 

Please join us on our altruistic, passionate, and overly ambitious goal of changing the world, one family at a time. Because no matter what society may say, Family Still Matters. Now more than ever!


  1. Nike Anderson 5 months ago

    Great story! I know people with similar experiences.

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