Well, it’s official!!! 

Our International Teaching Series started off with a bang!

“For Brown Teachers Who Consider Moving Abroad When Their Backyard Isn’t Enuf!” was a brilliant evening with Brandi Stephens and all our guests. I must say, I was truly moved by the entire experience. We discussed the top 3 things you must do if you want to move abroad!

If you missed the broadcast, you can find it on our “For Smart Brown Teachers” Facebook Page.

But this is only the beginning. We are bringing you weeks’ worth of valuable information to help you make the exciting, life-changing decision to take your teaching international! Check out the recording and the Top 3 Things you must do in preparation to teach abroad.

I cannot tell you how very excited I am about this entire series!

I’ve been pretty candid about my desire to leave the US and experience a whole new “old-school” kind of life. A life away from the pollution, away from the crime, away from the centuries of oppression my people have suffered here.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to share my…

TOP 10 Reasons Why I Want To Teach Abroad

and You Should Too!

1. I’ve lived in multiple cities in the US… but the happiest I’ve been is when I was able to vacay. 

2. There are thousands of beaches to explore.

3. The cost of living can be as much as 60% lower than where you live now!

4. Need I mention our history here in these United States?

5. Your kids need to experience different cultures and so do you!

6. The experience of living in a foreign country has to be life changing!

7. There are so many countries and cities to choose from! 

8.  With teaching online and a budding business, we can live almost anywhere! 

9. I want the ability to raise and educate my children freely according to what I believe they need to learn.

10. My spirit says, “IT IS TIME TO GO!”

If any of these reasons resonate with you, then you must join in our discussion and get your questions answered! We’re talking with the founder of iTeach International, LLC, Brandi Stephens and she’s giving us the ins and outs of teaching abroad. You absolutely cannot miss her story about how she and her daughter were deported from Kuwait!!!

A single mother- she has lived and taught in Kuwait, and is now headed to Thailand.

Her experience and services as an International Teaching Consultant are invaluable, so you can’t miss any of our upcoming sessions. Be sure to visit her website www.iTeach.International.

Click below to register for this week’s session and receive first notice when tickets for the big finale to our Teaching Abroad series… “The Crash Course for Smart Brown Teachers Considering Teaching Abroad!” where Brandi will share step-by-step EVERYTHING you need to know about finding and landing the international teaching position of your dreams.

We’ll also discuss the fundamentals of teaching online and how it can empower you to live a “Location-Independent Lifestyle”!

Please comment below! Do you want to teach abroad? What’s stopping you?!


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