It’s Springtime…Right?

Let me tell you, I love Spring, but I am ready for this chill to be gone. 

I’m ready for the flowers to bloom and Father Winter to retire until later…waaaay later. 

As we work to shake off the chills, it’s time to renew our minds, revitalize our bodies and rejuvenate our classrooms and teaching routines. 

The winter can be hard on our minds, bodies and spirits. 

Spring is a time to take a good long look at ourselves, our lives, our very existence to discover how things can be made new.How can we better our lives and thus make things better for everyone we touch; our families, our friends, and our students?

That being said…

I finally buckled down to organize my life!! 

I laid out a super-duper awesome little planner that I want to share with my fellow teachers.

This was no easy task between:

Teaching ESL Online

Homeschool Lessons

Business Planning


Product Creation

Creative Pursuits

And somehow finding some time for myself … sheesh!

I’m exhausted just thinking about it again. 

But it’s complete… at least for now… and it’s cute and functional.

So, I want to share it with you!


But there is one catch…

I need you to join our super-duper awesome Facebook Group “FOR SMART BROWN TEACHERS!”

Actually, this is really a bonus!

Not only do you get to organize your life but you can join our awesome group of Smart Brown Teachers facing the same issues, challenges, wins, losses and experiences you are!

We also host fun and informational Facebook Live sessions every weekday, and great workshops every week.

So, if you are an Online Teacher and/or Homeschooling Mom… what are you waiting for? Go join right now and download the “Smart Printable Planner for Smart Brown Teachers!” 

Click the banner below to join now!

  1. Rochelle James 8 months ago

    I’m loving this blog already. Thank you for taking the time.

    • Author
      Zee Eil'Yudah 8 months ago

      Yay! Thanks so much doll! I’m working to make it be super duper awesome. Thanks for your loving comment. Please stay tuned for more!

  2. Rachel Robinson 5 months ago

    You are awesome! Thank you for your sacrifices!

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